Saving the Lower Clyst from official environmental vandalism


Bad projects, Bad science

Across the UK, the Environment Agency needs to contain spending whilst satisfying conflicting objectives. Ceasing to maintain flood defences and riverbanks is high on the agenda. The RSPB has been recruited to help sell the resulting inundation as "Habitat Creation". The sea level rise figures on which this is based are far from certain. Crucial parts of local transport infrastructure are threatened, and families who have spent generations farming and caring for the landscape find themselves ranged against these policies. Here you will find the views of some of the landowners of the River Clyst Valley in Devon, and we hope to enlist your support in this unequal battle against vested interests, dogma, and bad science.
All we ask is that we stop the rush, and wait until future trends are a little more clearly defined. Remember Dr Beeching...

"Habitat Creation..." Newspeak for habitat destruction

This is just the beginning

Over the next few months we will expand this site, explain the background to the fight, and invite you to public meetings.

Feel free to contact us via the link at the top of this page.

We have been amazed and heartened by the number of people who have contacted us for more information.
Any offers of help, from specialised knowledge to organisation, will be gratefully received. We don't have the budget or the Press officers of the EA or RSPB.